Braces and Supports

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    The padded strap and Y-tab closure system provide effective vertical support to the collarbone and upper limb area.

    Features & Benefits
    Extra patient comfort with padded strap

    Y-tab hook system facilitates secure clinical positioning

    Convenient dispenser box presentation
    28 Y-tabs are included in each box. Additional Y-tabs can be purchased, if required

    Box contains 2 x 12 metre rolls

  • $ 80.50

    Features & Benefits:
    Innovative, award-winning Helix Design
    3D anatomic fit for better fit and wearing comfort
    Anatomically shaped pelotte stabilises the patella and improves proprioception
    Spiral stays support lateral stabilisation
    Seamless integration of stays and pelotte, lined with soft terry cloth
    Breathable knitting structure for better patient comfort
    Soft, latex-free materials for enhanced comfort
    Minor instabilities of the knee joint
    Minor meniscus damage
    Weak ligaments
    Determine proper knee support size by taking two measurements, around the leg 14cm above the knee cap, and around the leg 12cm below the knee cap. If you measure on the borderline between sizes select the smaller size option.

    XS: 38-41cm and 28-31cm.
    S: 41-44cm and 31-34cm.
    M: 44-47cm and 34-37cm.
    L: 47-50cm and 37-40cm.
    XL: 50-53cm and 40-43cm.
    XXL: 53-56cm and 43-46cm.

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    CollarForm™ is a strong, stretch resistant sling made of a 5cm wide strip of dense foam covered with a pure cotton stockinette.

    CollarForm™ is ideally designed to immobilise the clavicle.

    CollarForm™ is 100% Australian Made

    5cm x 10m Economy Roll

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