Disposable MEDICAL Face Masks

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STRAPIT LEVEL 1 SURGICAL GRADE MASK – ASTM CERTIFIED (HIGHEST LEVEL) Our Level 1 Medical/Surgical mask meets the highest ASTM standard for a level 1 mask that has the following specifications Fluid Resistance: 80mmHg BFE > 99% – bacterial filtration at 0.3 microns PFE >95% – particulate/viral filtration at 0.1 microns Delta P / Breathability ≤ 1.8 (very comfortable) Flammability : CLASS 1 Please note that this surpasses the Australian Standard that only measures fluid resistance, BFE and Delta P. So our level 1 masks are of the highest standard. Our level 1 mask is suitable for general purpose medical procedures to protect staff and/or patient and also for the general public. It protects from droplet exposure to micro-organisms eg: patient with respiratory tract infection visiting the GP. NB: Meets ASTM F2100 standard for medical face mask – highest standard


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