Lumark Cold Compression Shoulder

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Lumark is an effective Cold Compression Therapy system which consists of a cold gel pack that has been covered with a frost free lining to allow application directly to the skin. Each pack contains an adjustable chamber behind each cold pack to provide deep, cold compression around the site of the injury.

The outer black material is a latex free type of neoprene completely covered in looped material to allow the velcro wraps to stick anywhere for your own comfort, inside the blue material feels like a heavy cotton type material that is specifically designed to be frost free and offer an ideal barrier between the ice cold gel pack and your delicate skin. For best results freeze for 2 hours before use and then apply to injured area for 10-15 minute periods. The inflation occurs from a detachable tubing and hand bulb, so you can inflate the cuff as much as is comfortable and fully adjust through the cold compression therapy process.

Shoulder Wrap Size: 47cm x 36cm.

Place the cold blue cloth over your shoulder with the hole over the tip of your shoulder bone and the gap resting towards your collar bone, then wrap the two straps around your bicep and chest to velcro back on itself. The cold area will keep the whole shoulder cool, and reduce inflammation from conditions like pulled or strained ligaments, wrenches, dislocations, tendonitis and arthritis.


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